About Me

Welcome to easy food making an easy and simple way to cook food at home, my name is Meenu Mishra I was born and raised in Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh (U P). At a young age, I enjoyed helping mom with breakfast and dinner. I learn many old dishes and style from my mom, in my family all were liking my cooking style and the taste of the dishes. During the school, I stayed with my aunt, learn many dishes from her and her style of cooking also.

I had taken home science subject in my schooling, learn how to present the food, presentation plays main role if your food tastes good but the presentation is not good. In first look people will make up their mind not to eat or taste, Yout know Love at first sight but if the presentation is good then people will be hungry to eat even they are full.

I will also share ideas and techniques from my personal experience to make quick and easy meals. Our effort will be to bring good taste to you. So that once someone tastes your hand made food they will never forget.

about me